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A Discotheque In A Cellar

5,000 bricks from the damaged archways of the original cellar area of the Cavern Club went on sale at 5 each, complete with an authentication plate signed by former Cavern Club owner Ray McFall. Proceeds from the sale of the 5,000 bricks went to Strawberry Field Children's home.

a discotheque in a cellar

The Hard Rock Cafe restaurant and hotel chain owns the trademark to the "Cavern Club" name in the US. When the Hard Rock Cafe was built in Boston in 1991, it included a brick Cavern Club cellar that was a reproduction of the Liverpool club, including a stage for local bands. In 2006, the Boston restaurant moved to a new location, and although the new restaurant still has a "Cavern Club" performing area, it bears no resemblance to the Liverpool cellar. In 2014, a lawsuit was filed to revoke Hard Rock's trademark on the Cavern Club name.[23]

Of course, you can take things one step further and turn the basement into a wine cellar with a bar and a seating area. Another interesting idea can be to turn this space into some sort of home theater or media room with, of course, a bar.

Basements are notoriously cluttered and creepy, but they definitely don't have to live up to that bad reputation. This is especially true if you transform it into a home bar... Your own little speakeasy, if you will. So we rounded up 24 basement bar ideas to help you utilize that cellar space in style, as well as clever ways to transform unexpected nooks and crannies throughout your home into makeshift bars. They're just the design fix you're looking for, and they also happen to be the ultimate way to party-proof your house. Straight up.

German immigrant John Georgian was one of many Kansans in the mid-1800s to open a brewery along the banks of the Missouri River. Most employed local geology to aid in brewing, utilizing natural cave formations and river ice to manufacture suitable brewing and storage conditions. Georgian, however, had no cave. He dug his own cellars more than 50 feet underground, home in modern times to the oldest bar in Missouri.

Unless you have special brewery approved equipment then you should clean (or if you employ a cellar services technician have them do it) at a minimum of every 7 days. Breweries and line cleaning companies have spent many years looking into line hygiene and how to keep dispense systems clean so it is always best to follow their recommendations.

Established in 1999, Platinum Club provides platinum seat holders with a sophisticated environment to enjoy exceptional food and premium service. The atmosphere includes soft lighting, paired with rich colours and textures, surrounded by elegant décor crafted by various Canadian artists. Guests can enjoy their experience in one of our three unique dining spaces that together can host up to 260 guests.Our club features a stunning 3,000-bottle, floor-to-ceiling Sterling Three Palms Merlot wine cellar, surrounding a marble table, ideal for private dinners or wine tastings. Two beautiful onyx backlit bars are located on either side of the wine cellar, perfect for pre-game or intermission cocktails. Opposite the wine cellar stands the Champagne Room, an eight-person private dining area featuring a mother of pearl wall, as well as a solid mahogany and ebony table, offering an exclusive and intimate atmosphere. Finally, our main dining areas are ideal for accommodating parties before an event or during intermissions. All of these unique dining experiences can be booked through the club manager.

The nightclub was a complex consisting of multiple, interconnected buildings. It was rather modest in appearance, having an exterior similar to the rest of the buildings in the area. Its primary distinguishing feature was a large, neon-lit sign designed in the likeness of a peacock. The sign stood above the entrance and bore the nightclub's name. At the rear of the complex, adjacent to the entrance of the discotheque was a large courtyard with a circular stage in its center. Four decorative spouts poured water over the sides of the stage into a surrounding gutter.

The wine cellar was an underground storage area that Sly went through to sneak into the nightclub. It was guarded by both rat guards and warthog guards. Murray helped Sly in dealing with the former but the latter were avoided, as they were deemed by Bentley to be too dangerous to fight. Several tables placed throughout the cellar helped Sly bypass the guards and laser security systems contained inside by crawling underneath them.[3]

The door to Dimitri's office was inside what appeared to be a dining room inside the club. The office contained Dimitri's desk, a safe and a pedestal for displaying valuable art pieces. Four different portraits of Dimitri hung on the walls. Two fish aquariums were also built into the walls. Behind Dimitri's desk was a large window offering a full view of the discotheque.[5]

The discotheque was located on the back-side of the nightclub. The entrance opened to a long hallway that led into the main room. An illuminated dance floor covered most of the discotheque, a large disco ball and several go-go cages hung from the ceiling. Seating was located on an upper-level overlooking the dance floor. Located along the wall of the dance floor was a stage with two DJ turntables. A loop of Dimitri's "Greasy Sweet" song played in the background and destroying the turntables would cause a remixed version of the song to play instead.[9]


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