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Abel Carlevaro Preludios Americanos Pdf Download

Abel Carlevaro - Preludios Americanos: A Masterpiece of Latin American Guitar Music

Abel Carlevaro (1916-2001) was a renowned Uruguayan guitarist, composer, and teacher. He is considered one of the most important figures in the history of classical guitar, especially for his contributions to the technique, pedagogy, and repertoire of the instrument. He developed a new approach to guitar playing, based on the principles of anatomy, physics, and sound production. He also created a series of didactic works for guitar, including exercises, studies, and concert pieces.

One of his most famous works is the Preludios Americanos (American Preludes), a set of six pieces for solo guitar that reflect the musical diversity and richness of Latin America. Each prelude is inspired by a different country or region, and incorporates elements of its folk music, rhythms, and styles. The Preludios Americanos are not only beautiful and expressive pieces, but also challenging and rewarding for the performer and the listener.

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The Preludios Americanos

The Preludios Americanos were composed between 1970 and 1974, and published in 1975 by Barry Editorial in Buenos Aires. They are dedicated to the Argentine guitarist Jorge Martínez Zárate, who premiered them in 1974 at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. The titles of the six preludes are:

  • Preludio No. 1 "Campo" (Field)

  • Preludio No. 2 "Tristón" (Sad)

  • Preludio No. 3 "Trópico" (Tropic)

  • Preludio No. 4 "Paisaje" (Landscape)

  • Preludio No. 5 "Tamboriles" (Drums)

  • Preludio No. 6 "Candombe" (Candombe)

The first prelude, "Campo", is inspired by the vast plains of Argentina and Uruguay, where the gauchos (cowboys) roam. It evokes the feeling of loneliness and nostalgia, as well as the strength and pride of the gaucho culture. The piece is based on a typical rhythm called milonga campera, which alternates between 6/8 and 3/4 meters. The melody is simple and lyrical, with some chromaticism and dissonance.

The second prelude, "Tristón", is dedicated to Peru, and reflects the sadness and melancholy of its Andean music. The piece is in a minor key, and uses a modal scale with a lowered sixth degree. The melody is expressive and ornamented, with some glissandi and vibrato. The accompaniment consists of arpeggios and chords that create a harmonic contrast.

The third prelude, "Trópico", is influenced by the music of Brazil, especially the bossa nova style. The piece is in a major key, and has a bright and cheerful mood. The melody is syncopated and rhythmic, with some jazz-like chords and harmonies. The accompaniment is based on a typical bossa nova pattern, with some variations and embellishments.

The fourth prelude, "Paisaje", is inspired by the landscapes of Venezuela, particularly the mountains and valleys. The piece is in a modal key, and has a calm and serene atmosphere. The melody is smooth and flowing, with some leaps and intervals that suggest the contours of the terrain. The accompaniment is sparse and delicate, with some open strings and harmonics.

The fifth prelude, "Tamboriles", is dedicated to Colombia, and reflects the energy and vitality of its folk music. The piece is based on a rhythm called bambuco fiestero, which is derived from African drums. The rhythm is complex and syncopated, with some changes of meter and accentuation. The melody is lively and playful, with some imitations and repetitions.

The sixth prelude, "Candombe", is inspired by the music of Uruguay, especially the candombe genre. Candombe is a musical expression of African origin that involves drums, dancing, and singing. The piece is in a minor key, and has a dark and mysterious mood. The melody is modal and pentatonic, with some chromaticism and dissonance. The accompaniment is based on a candombe rhythm, with some variations and polyrhythms.

How to Download the PDF Score

If you are interested in playing the Preludios Americanos by Abel Carlevaro, you can download the PDF score from the Internet Archive. This is a free and legal source that contains many works by Carlevaro and other guitar composers. You can also find other formats, such as DOCX and PPTX, from other websites , but be careful to check the quality and legality of the files before downloading them.

To download the PDF score from the Internet Archive, follow these steps:

  • Click on this link: [Abel Carlevaro - Works]

  • Scroll down to the section "Download Options"

  • Click on the button "PDF"

  • Wait for the file to load and save it to your device

Alternatively, you can also view the PDF score online by clicking on the button "Full Text". You can also browse through the other works by Carlevaro and other guitar composers in the same collection.


The Preludios Americanos by Abel Carlevaro are a masterpiece of Latin American guitar music. They showcase the musical diversity and richness of the continent, as well as the technical and expressive skills of the guitarist. They are a must-have for any classical guitar enthusiast who wants to explore new horizons and challenge themselves. If you want to play these pieces, you can download the PDF score from the Internet Archive or other sources, and enjoy the music of Abel Carlevaro.


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