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Stealth Inc 2: A Game Of Clones Download PC Game

Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones is a 2D puzzle platform video game which was developed and published by Curve Digital. The game is a sequel to Stealth Bastard Deluxe, featuring different mechanics which involve puzzle sections.[1] The game was released for the Wii U on October 23, 2014.[2] The PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows versions of the game were also released in April 2015.[3]

Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones Download PC Game

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Stealth Inc 2 is a puzzle platform game. The game revolves around goggles-wearing clones, in which the player takes control of multiple clones. Players explore a cloning facility in which they were born, obtaining equipment to unlock new areas as they go. The game makes use of the Wii U GamePad in multiple ways, including managing the skill and tools to keep the main player hidden.[4]

The game includes a level editor with sharing capabilities. The inclusion of a level editor is said to provide an "endless" amount of content, extending the life of the title beyond the core campaign. In addition to this, the game will also make use of Miiverse, giving players the ability to post messages that'll appear on walls within the main game.[4]

Thomas Whitehead from Nintendo Life gave the game a 9/10, calling the game a much more expanded experience than its predecessor. He also praised the game's satisfying story, well-crafted levels, challenging gameplay, detailed Level Editor as well as the co-operative multiplayer mode, which he stated "has made unique use of the GamePad". He summarized the review by saying that "Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones is a gem from Curve Studios, and one of the very best download games on the Wii U."[10]

Chris Schilling from Eurogamer is much more negative about the game. He noted that the game is frustrating to play, and that the game features too many moments of "trial-and-error". He also criticized the game's color tone and the checkpoint system. He compared the game unfavorably to Mark of the Ninja, Toki Tori 2 and 'Splosion Man and stated that the game is "too demanding and too laborious".[8]

The team at Curve Digital took fans by surprise when they announced that Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones would be available exclusively on the Wii U. After the game's predecessor, A Clone in the Dark, had a successful multi-platform launch, it seemed like a no brainer to put the puzzle platformer sequel in as many hands as possible. Fast-forward almost six months and non-Nintendo gamers are finally getting their chance to infiltrate PTi Industries in the addicting and challenging sequel.

Stealth Inc 2 is a Metroidvania-style puzzle platformer (a genre that seems to be more popular than ever) that doesn't bother being subtle about its influences. The game has many allusions to Portal, Splinter Cell, and Super Meat Boy in its mechanics, narrative, and style. Unlike some other games that feel like an imitation of Portal with a different skin, Stealth Inc 2 learns from its influences and creates a unique new world full of challenging puzzles.

Gameplay is divided into multiple worlds that each contain eight levels, similar to an old-school game like Mario. While working through each puzzle (which are called tests), players attempt to stay out of sight with the help of a color-coded visibility system. The clone's adorable goggles are green when he is out of sight, orange when partially visible, and red when out in plain sight. Players can use this intel to decide how to get through a room without being burned to death by a camera with a laser beam attached to it. The stealth aspect feels like part Splinter Cell and part Metal Gear Solid and leaves players stuck with some very challenging puzzles to work through. Most enemies can kill the clone in one hit, so prepare to die quite a bit as you learn the ropes. Solving the puzzles usually involves carefully staying out of sight and mastering the available tools to outsmart obstacles.

When players reach the end of the eighth level in each of the game's worlds (the different sections of PTi Industries), there is the equivalent of a boss fight. This usually involves outsmarting and outracing a powerful sentinel, which will kill players quite a few times before they successfully exit the level. The boss fights require a lot of memorization and players should learn a lesson each time they die about where a particular security camera is or where the ground is unstable.

As players successfully work through each level, new tools and gadgets will be unlocked. As you might guess when dealing with a Metroidvania game, players can use the new gadgets to go back to previous levels and reach previously unobtainable secrets. One of the earliest tools is an Inflate-a-Mate buddy (similar to Portal's Companion Cube) who will help players reach high areas or block sources of light that are causing a problem. Players eventually gain the ability to throw the Mate across the room and inflate him from a distance. Each new tool gives you more options to solve puzzles faster and faster, which makes the leaderboards for each test very addicting. Gaining new abilities (like cloning yourself and hacking into enemies) throughout the game helps keep players challenged and entertained throughout the entire campaign.

One downside to the game's light mechanic is that the setting is incredibly dark. The facility is full of interesting rooms, but the game's palette is very gloomy and will leave gamers exploring a world of darkness for the majority of the game's shortish (roughly ten hour) campaign. There are a few moments of sunlight to provide a bit of contrast, but for the most part players will be isolated in darkness. Luckily, the game's narrative sense of humor helps to lighten the mood.

Where some games would leave players who are stuck on a tough puzzle alone with their thoughts, Stealth Inc 2 takes a different approach and teases players with taunts scribbled on the walls of each level. The messages come from a disgruntled scientist who is desperately trying to kill as many clones as possible, so he can earn employee of the month. When the game's puzzles become so difficult that we started to get frustrated, it was usually the game's sense of humor that kept us motivated enough to find a solution.

Once players have mastered story mode, there is also a powerful level editor available to create new challenges. The tool gives players the power to recreate levels just as difficult (or more so) than any of the existing test chambers. The community levels section allows users to test and rate other players' creations. Once the game has been out for more than a week or two, we expect to see the community area fill up and hopefully the cream of the crop will surface thanks to five star ratings.

Unless players were really married to the GamePad, the port doesn't lose a lot in its transition away from Nintendo hardware. The Wii U version did offer the opportunity for some fun Miiverse messages, but the game is still as strong as ever on its new platforms.

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A feature included in the game is a level editor. The point of this level creation tool is to help players and intrepid level designers create more content for the community. effectively given the game a near unlimited amount of playable content.

As mentioned above, Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones is much less linear than Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark. Where the latter is a very linear and player driven experience through consecutive stages with a growing difficulty level, the former is a much more open game with the bulk of content being unearthed thanks to exploration and experimentation with the equipment you find.

The Wii U build of the game, which was the first launch of the title, is seen to be the best version, giving players the ability to manipulate and manage skills and equipment from the Gamepad screen. This keeps gameplay much more fluid and more akin to actually managing an important inventory.

While the original was a set of challenge rooms that were simply selected from a menu, the approach of this sequel is rather the opposite, making knowledge of the last game entirely unnecessary. This time around you play as a specific clone that, right at the start, escapes from a shutdown procedure when it really shouldn't. These clones exist solely to test devious traps and gadgets, it seems, but this little chap's survival becomes a thorn in a weary employee's side. Your foe is a cynical man with a spirit seemingly crushed by working life, obsessing over being the top employee and becoming exasperated by failed efforts to destroy this runaway clone.

Most importantly, the Level Editor tool is fully detailed, and we believe the developer when it says that any Test Chamber from the game can be fully recreated with this tool. You can choose level size and then navigate through 11 categories of environmental structures, enemies, lights, switches and much more that you then position on your blank canvas. Setting and adjusting features can be done fully with physical inputs, with a limited range of optional touch controls; instructions are rather hands-off and there's no tutorial for this tool, but with patience, time and creativity all should be able to create intriguing, memorable Test Chambers for others to take on. Uploading them is also an easy process, making this an outstanding feature. 041b061a72


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