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Buy Silk Fabric Online

Silk fabrics are one of the most desired and luxurious dreassmaking materials and known as the 'Queen of Fabrics'. At Joel & Son, we stock a wide variety of the most exquisite plain silks and printed silks including silk chiffon, silk satin, silk organza, silk crepe, embroidered silk fabrics and many more. Shop our full range of premium silk fabrics online or in store.

buy silk fabric online

Silk is a natural fiber, which can be woven into textiles. The purest variety of silk is obtained from cocoons. Absorbency of silk, makes it easy to be worn in warm weather and while working out.

Fabrics such as chiffon, taffeta, shantung etc. are made from silk fiber. Buy online for silk fabric in multiple colors and shop prints only on The Design Cart.

Vogue Fabrics is famous for our selection of silk material for special occasion, home decorating and wearable art. You will love our selection of high quality and competitive prices on silk dupioni fabric, silk prints and solids, silk charmeuse, silk chiffon, china silk habotai lining, silk suiting, silk satin, silk gazar and silk organza fabric. Buy silk fabric by the yard for sewing fashion apparel, quilting, and more.

Silk is known to keep you warm in winter. But silk clothes are also known to keep the body cool in summer. It generally absorbs 10-30 percent of its weight in moist weather, thereby making it an ascetically breathable fabric. Silk fabrics are very lightweight and thin. Loose-fitted clothes and accessories such as silk kurtas, kaftans, etc. are great to wear in the summer season. When worn on the brink of the skin, it can keep you cool in the month of winter. Printed silk fabric, cotton silk fabric, crepe silk fabric, and embroidered silk fabric are perfect to add elegance.

We have got a good range of silk products which are suitable for all occasions. Janardhana Silk House is the ideal place where you can buy a wide range of silk fabric. They host myriad options including Ikat silk fabric, raw silk fabric online, printed crepe fabric, Jamawar fabric, and Tussar silk fabric. You can also check out an amazing range of Banarasi fabric online.

Welcome to JRB Silk Fabrics, your source for high quality designer and decorator silks. Our inventory includes a large selection of beautiful and elegant silk fabrics, including 255 colors silk dupioni, 283 colors silk shantung, 211 colors silk linen, 290 colors silk taffeta as well asplaid and striped,patternedandembroidered silk.With over 3,000 patterns and colors, we are able to serve the unique needs of professionals (interior designers, home decorators, fashion designers) and non-professionals alike. We are confident that our extensive collection offers a silk fabric to fit every design need.

At JRB Silks, nearly every silk fabric is in stock and ready to deliver. As the only large supplier in the industry that does not discontinue any of its silk fabrics, you are guaranteed to find the same high quality silks every day of the year. In addition, unlike other large suppliers, at JRB Silks we are proud to not enforce a minimum yardage requirement. Instead, our customers are able to purchase any number of yards for no extra fee.

Our online catalog offers a variety of silks, most of which are stocked well in our Atlanta, Georgia warehouse. For large quantity orders for which we may not have sufficient quantities in stock, we can place a back order and have your fabric directly shipped from our mills in India.

We carry quite a few lines of silk that could be ideal for both apparel (bridal, accessories, etc) as well as interior purposes (drapes, upholstery, bedding material, etc)-- 500+ colors in dupioni/shantung, 300+ colors in taffeta, and many colors in organza, lame, and chiffon as well. We are constantly adding new lines that we feel would be beneficial to our customers such as the recently new silk chiffon sheer petals and silk organza waffle patterns. We have a minimum order requirement of only 1 yard which should be suitable for most applications and we don't discontinue any of our fabrics. All of our silks can be seen online and memo samples can be ordered on any of our fabrics.

Prices on our fabrics vary according to type of fabric, and that pricing information is available online.We highly recommend that all customers order color cards for the type of silk they are looking for. There is a one time charge for color cards, but these are indispensable tools to find the perfect color for your design. In the future, when you or your clients find the color you are looking for in the color card, you can either place your order right then and there or you can order a larger sample of a particular color to get a larger representation. These color cards are yours to keep forever, and as mentioned above we don't discontinue any of our silks so these color cards will always be applicable.

JRB is also proud to offer backing and finishing services to its customers. Optional knit-backing, paper-backing, scrim-backing, and stain protection are available on silks purchased from us. Additionally, if you have your own fabric that you would like to get backed or finished, we can process that as well. At JRB Silks, we are able to back most types of fabrics, including silks, linens, polyesters, cottons, blends, and much more. Our proprietary and unique process has made us the industry leader in backing and finishing services.

Most importantly, however, JRB strives to offer the best, most helpful customer service. To ensure that our customers have an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience, we offer knowledgeable assistance at any time. You may contact us through our Customer Service Department via telephone between 9AM and 5PM EST M-F. You may also reach us with your questions/concerns via e-mail at

Inspire: Explore professionally curated handloom and fashion fabrics and get inspired. Ready To Ship Fabrics: We stock what you see. Our in-house fulfilment capabilities ensure swift and timely delivery. Customized Cuts: Get freedom from pre-defined quantities. Our e-store lets you shop for the exact quantities that you need. Reasonable Rates: Be it retail or wholesale, we are committed to providing you with the best possible prices. Friendly Support: We love to help you add value to your purchase through a variety of ways, be it in choosing the right material or matching with the right fabrics. Offline Studio: Get the satisfaction of experiencing your favorite fabrics first hand at our studio in Ahmedabad. One Stop Shop for Fashion SMEs: We aim to develop value-adding partnerships with boutiques and fashion designers by supplying them with all of their requirements and keeping them updated with latest fashion fabrics.

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Silk fabrics by the yard at discount prices. We search the world over for the highest quality silk fabrics from the top designers and mills. Buy all colors of silk fabric types including Printed silk, silk linen, silk noile, silk charmeuse, silk broadcloth, silk knit, silk taffeta, silk dupioni, silk shantung, silk tussah.

Since 1956 Fashion Fabrics Club has been connecting with Fabric Enthusiasts through our common love of fabric. Shop a great variety of fabric bolts, discount fabric, and fabric by the yard at wholesale prices from our online fabric store. Our fabric selection includes cotton, silk, linen, wool, blends, synthetics, prints, knits, wovens, bridal & special occasion fabric, home decorating fabrics, and so much more!

Silk is a fashionable fabric, and a popular one. Its absorbency makes it a comfortable material to wear all year round. The drape of silk fabrics makes them a good choice for furnishings as well. We are very proud of the range of silk fabric we offer in our collection. With a range of different silk types available, browse and find the colour and pattern that suits your needs. For the more adventurous, be sure to look through our printed silk chiffon, silk embroidered chiffon or our burnout range.

Are you feeling inspired to update the interior of your house? Whether your curtains, cushions of throws need a makeover, we have a range of silk materials available that provide durability whilst giving your home a look of sophistication.

Silk is known for its beauty, making it a great fabric choice for a bridal gown. Choose to spend your wedding day in style and comfort by selecting from our assortments of bridal silk fabrics. Each silk type has its own characteristics and charm, so consider the silhouette you want to achieve when browsing, you may want to use more than one fabric to bring your dress to life.

Silk is a natural fibre, and comfortable to wear. It works as a multi-purpose fabric, which keeps you cool in warm weather, and warm in cold weather. We have a selection of stunning printed and embellished silks that drape beautifully for both casual and evening wear. Silks are suitable for evening or casual -- perfect for tops, skirts, accessories, home decor, and dresses.

Chelmsford Church Vestment Fabric is a small, useful, and easy pattern to work with liturgical damask fabric. Created in the Geoffrey Webb style, the pattern on this silk damask is a small turnover reversible design which dates to the 1920's.

The size and scale of the design in this church fabric makes it ideal for use in constructing all types of liturgical vestments, from clergy stoles and priest chasubles, to copes, altar hangings and more. This ecclesiastical fabric, made from silk and viscose fibers with its small floral motif, makes the perfect background for liturgical hand embroidery projects worked in gold and silk threads. The fabrics has a soft, drape and hand that falls in lovely folds.*

Chelmsford is is also suitable as a fabric for use in creating period costumes, wedding gowns, historical garments, Home Decor, Collegiate or University Gowns, and theatrical costumes due to the accuracy and quality of the fabric design motif. The silk fibers make this a truly special fabric. 041b061a72


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