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WriteMonkey: Uncluttered Writing App For Windows 10 _TOP_

... Just the right balance of features for my purposes. For me that mean keeping the focus on writing and editing; buzzing around quickly within a document; being able to write note scraps on the fly without leaving the mindset of what I'm doing; a calm, uncluttered interface etc. Everything else I'll leave to the production-oriented software - but that is another stage and another mindset entirely. Like the difference between writing a song with an acoustic guitar, a pen and paper and a voice recorder versus going into a full-blown production studio ... (Jeremy Halpin)

WriteMonkey: Uncluttered Writing App For Windows 10

Manuscriptor is a text editor which is aimed at fiction writers. It gives you an uncluttered interface perfect for stories & novels, complete with responsive language analysis tools which help you improve the quality of your writing. It identifies readability issues and highlights areas which would confuse, bore or frustrate your readers. It has a great document overview, an excellent synonym suggestion tool, flow analysis with paragraph and sentence fingerprinting, and it even shows you clichés and repetitive words. For a free tool, Manuscriptor may be minimalistic at a first-glance, but after just a bit of use you will soon see how powerful it actually is.


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