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We are a leading provider of quality sugar flowers, icing decorations, dragees, nonpareils, sprinkles, confetti, edible glitter, and much more. Our mission is to empower confectioners to elevate their creations.

cindy teen

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A wedding crowd and Pinterest favorite, Ranunculus flowers (also known as buttercups) are beloved for their brilliantly colored, paper-thin petals, voluminous blooms and symbolism rooted in love.

The class is open to creatives of all levels interested in taking the time to develop their own style of sugar flowers. I will share my hard earned experience, skills, tips, and signature techniques in order to provide you with the knowledge it took me years to learn. This online class is for you if you are looking to get inspired, gain confidence working with gum paste, want to learn how to properly work with basic tools, and if you are tired of trying to create flowers by yourself and want to access to information that will expedite the process and aid you!

-An online video (hosted on While I will provide you with up-to-date information on how best to access the videos I cannot assist you on opening a third party account. Please click on the link to my Vimeo account and follow me, immediately after that you will be added to the videos

An online course with Winifred Kriste teaching you everything you need to know on how to design sugar flower wedding cakes, including Juliet garden roses, traditional roses, hydrangea, fruits and foliages.

Making gumpaste is an important foundational technique to master when it comes to perfecting your sugar art. In this video Winifred shares her gumpaste recipe and shows step-by-step how she makes and stores her own gumpaste.

Hydrangea florets are a filler flower Winifred uses in almost all of her cake designs. In this first sugar flower technique video, Winifred demonstrates step-by-step how she makes these tiny, delicate flowers. She will also cover some of the fundamental techniques of learning how to work with gumpaste, before progressing onto more intricate techniques in coming videos.

Learn how to make supporting elements to accompany your sugar flowers, such as berries and fruits. In this video Winifred shows you how she colors and creates apricots to incorporate in with her final sugar flower arrangements on cakes, and explains other similar fruits to which you could apply this technique.

Adding elements such as leaves and vines to your sugar flower art adds a life-like quality to your flowers, and allows you to achieve movement in your final arrangements on the cake. Learn step-by-step how Winifred creates her natural leaves and foliage, and how she incorporates them with her sugar flower fruits and flowers.

Now you have mastered working with fondant and gumpaste and creating a range of sugar flowers, learn how to incorporate all of your florals into an arrangement on your cake. Applying the finished pieces to a three-tier cake, Winifred will talk through her process step-by-step as the final design comes to life. She will also share her tips for storing and transporting sugar flower-adorned cakes.

You can make gorgeous gum paste flowers for your desserts no matter what your skill level with this cut-out set. Add realistic-looking blooms to wedding cakes, cupcakes, candies and more. Includes 24 cut-outs: (Daisy; small, medium, large and extra large petals and leaf, Phalaenopsis Orchid; petal, throat and sepal, Hibiscus; petal and leaf, Ranunculus; small and large petals and leaf, Gardenia; small, medium and large petal , Dogwood; petal, Rose; small and large petal, small and large Calyx, small and large leaf, Lily of the Valley; leaf) 2 mini cut-outs/ejectors: (Lily of the Valley; petal; Hydrangea; petal) 1 impression strip (Hydrangea and Lily of the Valley), plus instruction book for 10 different gum paste flowers.

Yes, it is true that sugar flowers are more expensive than fresh flowers. My advice is to budget for them at the beginning of your wedding planning. Your cake designer can help you select sugar flowers that take less time to make, and are therefore less costly. A simple cake with just a few gorgeously made sugar flowers can really be a fabulously looking statement piece at your reception.

Unfortunately, the fresh flowers from your wedding will eventually die. However, the sugar flowers on your cake can become keepsakes! Despite being made of sugar, they will last forever at room temperature. This means, you can display them in a vase or on a shelf in your home as a unique memento from one of the most special days of your life.

Gum Paste is a sugar dough that is primarily used to make flowers. The essential ingredient in gum paste makes it stretchy, pliable and somewhat elastic. Sort of like gum! Because of this quality, gum paste can be rolled very thin to achieve realistic looking flower petals and leaves. Various sculpting tools are used to add detail to each petal or leaf. In some cases, these components are wired to help make them structurally sound. After the petals dry, additional color can be added to achieve a life like appearance. If the flower has wired petals, assembly of them will take place once the petals can hold their form and are usually completely dry. Gum paste will get hard when dry and can break if it is not handled with care. Therefore extra pieces are made as a back up if something accidentally breaks. Flowers of this nature are priced separately, as the cost will vary greatly dependent upon the flower configuration, as well as the size and number of cut outs needed. Although very time consuming, these flowers are beautiful and almost as lovely as the real thing! To see how you can incorporate gum paste flowers into your next cake design, contact Rosie at 717-898-9156 or through the Contact Page of our website.

I tend to use commercial bought flower paste if I want more realistic, delicate flowers, Platinum paste is superb. For the stylised flowers, which I tend to do a lot of, I add cmc to sugarpaste. As above, dusting flowers is great fun, you can really add subtle detail. I also have a portable steamer to help set the colours and give a bit of sheen (very cheap on eBay).

I have used several different mediums for making sugar flowers and, imo, the best by far is this recipe from Edna at Design Me a Cake. It is easy to make, it works like a dream and it is much cheaper than store bought! I highly recommend it! _Tutorial.html

Wafer paper is not hard to learn. You can give it a try for yourself with my FREE Cosmos workshop, and read the testimonials from students who have produced stunning results working with wafer paper for the first time. Many techniques for gumpaste and wafer paper are interchangeable.

Wafer paper can work on buttercream cakes, too. Just remember to add in a layer of melted cocoa butter between the wafer paper flowers and the buttercream so the condensation from the buttercream will not soften or affect the wafer paper. (Wafer paper is sensitive to moisture.)

WKC is based in Singapore where the humidity level is around 70-80% on average, so yes! Both wafer paper and gum paste flowers can be made in humid climates. Helpful tools include a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity level to about 60-65%, and the use of vodka to condition wafer paper. You can learn more about working with wafer paper on my blog.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our selection of handmade flowers. The easiest way to add some colour is by using the edible dusting powders which also come in silvers and golds. Pour a little of the dust onto some kitchen paper and using a medium soft brush take up a small amount of the dust. As you can always add more colour but not take it away we usually now brush a few strokes across the kitchen paper to only leave a tiny amount on the brush - this avoids brushing streaks of colour across the flowers. Keep adding the colour until content with the result. We also now have a selection of lustre sprays in pearl gold blue and green.

Transform your cakes into elegant culinary creations with this Satin Ice 10011 gum paste! This gum paste is the preferred product for sculpting detailed bakery decorations, including flower petals, leaves, ruffles, bows, and other intricate designs. After molding and shaping your figures, the gum paste will hold its shape over time for an impressive presentation. It is a flavorless addition to your sweet treats and the finished product dries hard to the touch. Gum paste can be kneaded and rolled out into a very thin consistency using a rolling pin, just like fondant. In contrast to fondant, gum paste is known to dry firmer and faster. Ready to use, this gum paste is a convenient and versatile product for your decorating needs. It comes standard in a classic white color, but the color can easily be altered with your choice of food coloring methods. Free from many allergens, this gum paste is dairy, nut, and gluten-free. It also contains no trans fat or cholesterol. Use this Satin Ice gum paste to add a sense of artistry to anything you make, and impress guests at your event or upscale restaurant with your decorative confections!

I'm an artist and cake decorator from Portland, Oregon. Cakes are my obession, which is why I'm dedicated to crafting tried-and-true recipes, small cake tutorials, as well as advanced online cake courses!

I have only made cold porcelain once. The items I made with it were thicker and not flowers, I think I over-cooked it and it dried too quickly for me to make the petals as I normally would. What I did make was very hard though, not at all rubbery and yes, it was a bit translucent also. It is stronger than egg shells, but can break if pressure is applied when thinned out, I would think. 041b061a72


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